Tess and Mark

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Our Story

Tess and Mark met in New York City, October of 2010. Little did they know at the time that they would be calling NYC their home together in the not so far future.

Mark was headed up to New York with Jared (best man) on one of their many weekend adventures in business school. On their bus ride up, Jared casually mentioned that his sister (Desiree, maid of honor) was bringing a friend with her to hang out. Mark then asked for more details and found out that she went to UCLA and was in her second year of pharmacy school. Mark was intrigued (as the seed was planted for their mutual interest and passion for biotech and drug development).

Mark, Jared, and Jeff (groomsman) met Tess and Desiree at Friedman’s; and Mark found the girl of his dreams. He swiftly cornered her at the bar and attempted to monopolize the discussion with her. Tess didn’t seem to notice (guess Mark's got some game), but that was the birth of their friendship and Mark’s burgeoning love for Tess. They spent the rest of the day together, and by the end of the weekend, Mark had decided to visit Tess in Michigan. Everyone knew he liked her, except Tess.

Fast forward several years later (and he finally got the message across to her with the support from friends including Mark's other best-man, Li), their friendship turned into romance across multiple geographies (SF, North Carolina, New York), new jobs, travels, and Classpass workouts (Barry's, Tonehouse, bootcamps, spin, and even yoga- yes, Mark does yoga). They continue to grow closer, and over every bump and through every turbulence, they are patient and resilient with each other. They consistently think about #TEssAndMark, because they truly are a TeaM, a unit, and can achieve new heights together.

They are excited about this next step in their lives together, and thank their parents, family, and friends for supporting them along the way and now celebrating a very special weekend with them!
Robin Ott